"Nothing really worth having is easy to get.  The hard-fought battles, the goals won with sacrifice, are the ones that matter."
Alisha Tyler, actress and comedian


01/06/2016 10:37am

Worth perfection need much effort and struggle in any field. Here is very beneficent and interesting tips and information about how we can get worth easily and i appreciate it.

12/02/2016 4:04am

Muscle Science tension over use and accidents to the muscle. it can also be greater critical and can be a sign that there is a bigger trouble affecting the complete body. just like the flu common bloodless and issues that affect the connective tissue through out the frame like lupus.


01/06/2017 7:11pm

This advice is very timely. Most of the time we complain that nothing good is happening with our career. I think we should ask ourselves what are we really doing to improve our performance? Are we really breaking a leg. We should all start doing something instead of complaining. And nothing good comes from being lazy.

01/30/2016 8:30am

As what a famous saying goes, "No pain, no gain." Very true. Relevant to the topic of this post is this Jakob Kroeker's Winning Life's Battles, what I love the most here is the part that emphasizes how David (a character from the bible) was victorious because He relied on the Lord in a way that allowed Him to work out His purposes in David's joy and sorry, in his victories and in his pain. This book helps strengthen and cause us not to give up, but rather be courageous and continue to fight to be a champion despite the sacrifice and pain.

02/16/2016 2:30pm

Hmm that's a very good statement. On the one hand it's easy to agree with it - if we fight for something we worth it more - but on the other hand - is it necessary for every achievement being paid with a great price?

05/21/2016 4:45am

She;s so right that the goals won with sacrifice are the ones that matter!

12/03/2016 4:47am

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05/25/2016 11:26pm

No one wants to fail, but we only fail if we stop trying.

06/09/2016 11:42am

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12/05/2016 3:13am

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12/07/2016 12:22am

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12/07/2016 11:52pm

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12/09/2016 1:37am

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12/13/2016 11:45pm

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12/15/2016 1:44am

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12/16/2016 3:26am

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12/19/2016 12:29am

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01/15/2017 11:23pm

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01/17/2017 2:50am

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01/23/2017 5:15am

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01/23/2017 10:16pm

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01/27/2017 10:48pm

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01/30/2017 1:25am

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01/30/2017 10:37pm

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01/31/2017 10:25pm

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The issue of erectile brokenness is a developing side effect in numerous men today. Rather than calling it a restorative indication, numerous sexologists incline toward calling ED an issue of the time being.

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